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Grana Padano PDO

Grana Padano PDO
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Grana Padano is the original Italian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese from the Po River Valley in Northern Italy and is the best selling PDO cheese worldwide, with over 4 million wheels sold per year. Grana Padano is produced in the regions of Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, part of Trentino and the province of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna, from naturally, partially skimmed milk from these regions. This cheese was first produced almost 1000 years ago and became increasingly popular through the 1400s. "Grana" refers to the grainy, crumbly texture of the cheese and "Padano" refers to its area of origin, the fertile Padana Valley. Before being fire-branded with the Grana Padano seal, each wheel of cheese must pass strict checks. This hard, straw-colored cheese has a delicate taste and sweet, nutty flavor. This Grana Padano, aged 16-20 months, is very versatile and is enjoyed in many ways. Perfect as a grating cheese, as an ingredient in cooking but it can also enjoyed straight with fruit and nuts or alongside a variety of antipasti.

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