Welcome to Di Palo Selects!

You’ve heard the claim over and over again, whether about a bottle of wine, a wedge of gorgonzola, a slice of prosciutto or a plate of pasta: “It just tastes better in Italy.” Can this really be true? By offering Italy’s traditional foods expertly selected and maintained with knowledge and respect, DiPalo’s shows you that the answer to that question should be “absolutely not”. Lou Di Palo and Di Palo Selects are passionate about offering you the best products Italy has to offer and we’re uncompromising about our commitment to quality and tradition.

Lou Di Palo travels to Italy several times a year to select the country’s best hand-crafted specialties and to guarantee their excellence every season, year after year. He’s formed personal relationships with artisans from each of Italy’s twenty regions, many of whom cater their entire production to his impeccably high standards. Lou seeks out unique and extraordinary products and makes sure that when he offers them to you, they taste as authentic and delicious as they do in Italy.

Lou is personally involved in every facet of his 4th generation family business. When he’s not in Italy visiting producers, Lou spends his days behind the counter at the bustling store in the heart of New York City’s historic Little Italy. Along with his brother Sal, sister Marie, and other members of the Di Palo family, Lou explains the traditions and history behind the artisanal products, patiently spending time and offering tastes of his handselected products to DiPalo’s faithful customers, many of whom he knows on a first name basis, and have known DiPalo’s through the generations.

At DiPalo Selects, we aim to give you the same attentive, individualized service that you could expect from Lou himself by providing the most complete information about his hand selected Italian products. Our food will arrive at your door just as tasty and fresh as if you dropped by the store in Little Italy and picked it up yourself.