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Provolone Piccante

Provolone Piccante
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Provolone is the national cheese of Italy. A firm cow’s milk originally from the southern region of Campania, Provolone is now produced in Piemonte and Lombardia. Di Palo’s has collaborated with our producer, Auricchio, for 100 years—ours is the only shop featured in their family history book. Provolone, a rich and slightly pungent cheese, comes in two varieties: Dolce, aged 2-3 months with a mild, creamy flavor, and a sweet finish and Piccante, aged 6-12 months or longer with a sharp, spicy flavor that leaves tingles on the tongue. Like mozzarella, provolone belongs to the pasta filata family of cheeses. It is produced by stretching fresh cheese curds into a taffy-like consistency and then molding the curd into a pear shape. Paired with olives and red wine, Provolone is Lou’s favorite antipasto cheese—a little goes a long way. We also love provolone for melting and cooking as well as grating over finished dishes.

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