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Speck Alto Adige IGP

Speck Alto Adige IGP
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When Lou discovered Speck Alto Adige, he was so impressed that he helped make it possible to import Speck to this country. Di Palo's was the very first retailer to offer Speck Alto Adige in the United States. One of Italy's most interesting cured meats, Speck represents a fusion between two ancient methods of preserving pork: northern European smoking, and the southern Mediterranean method of salting and air-drying. Unlike with prosciutto, the meat from the pigs hind leg is de-boned and filleted. It is rubbed with salt and spices, lightly smoked, and air-dried in the fresh breezes of the Dolomite Mountains which impart a unique flavor to the meat. Specks sweet, long finish, and deep smoky notes are a perfect match for a dark hearty bread, a nutty mountain cheese, and a crisp and refreshing glass of white wine. Go to our recipes page to get other ideas!