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Tagliatelle, Pasta all'Uovo, Spinosi

Tagliatelle, Pasta all'Uovo, Spinosi
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Founded in 1933 by Nello Spinosi in the region of Le Marche, Spinosi pasta was originally available only in the medieval town of Campofilone and in one restaurant in Rome. Today, this hand-made egg pasta (pasta all'uovo) is still as rustic and authentic as it has always been. Every egg is hand cracked, all the dough is hand-kneaded, and the pasta is slow-dried for 36-48 hours to maintain its flavor and nutritional value. With only 14 employees, Spinosi produces its pasta from just two ingredients: durum wheat flour and eggs from hens fed grain and sunflower oil (to maximize their Omega-3 content). Legally, Italian egg pastas must contain 4 eggs per kilo of flour, but Spinosi pasta is made with 10 eggs per kilo, making it especially rich, flavorful, nutritious, and perfect for absorbing any variety of sauce.